Interstellar Era

The D-Drive changed everything. No longer trapped in the gravity well of Sol, humanity began producing FTL capable starships almost as fast as they had produced interplanetary ships during the first years of The Diaspora. Now was the second stage of the Diaspora, and once again the pioneering spirit of humanity pushed them further and faster than ever before. Manned ships were sent from one star system to another, cataloguing and searching for new worlds to colonize.

It wasn’t long before we hit the jackpot. Almost every star visited had planetary systems similar to Earth’s, though habitable planets were still rare.

The key word in that sentence being “rare,” not “impossible.” Yes, planets capable of supporting terrestrial life were discovered, and predictably within weeks colonization missions were approved and prepped for flight. It became a race between various governments and corporations to set foot on Alpha Centauri II, or “Chiron” as it would be named. Quickly, the Alpha Centauri system, all three stars, were settled. Barnard’s Star was next, then Wolf 359, Sirius, and from there over a dozen systems filled with humanity.

Many feared that with colonization would come wars over territorial rights, who got where first, who had rightful claim to what resources. But it soon became apparent that thanks to the D-Drive, there was plenty to go around. Entire planets were ripe for colonization, so that even if multiple polities arrived within weeks of each other there was no need to fight. They simply staked their own area out and kept to themselves. If you were to expand far enough quickly enough, then the land and its resources were yours.

This new peace would come to be called the Pax Terra by many, though like all noble things, it would end in blood.

Interstellar Era

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