Character Creation

Part 1: Background

  • Life path (optional)

Part 2: Mechanics

  • SilCore Character Creation
    1. Attributes (40 pts)
    2. Skills (60 pts)
    3. Secondary Attributes
    4. Perks/Flaws

Part 3: NPC Connections

  1. Select 3 Connections

    • Connections are characters that a player character knows well enough to do you a solid. They can be trusted friends, family members, mentors, lovers, cohorts, and more.
    • During creation and gameplay, Connections may be called upon to provide information or services (favors, essentially). Using a Connection, either during character creation or gameplay, intwines the Connection into the story in some way.


    • Chop: Sell you a stolen vehicle at an 8 Kred discount (add the stolen tag for free) or buy a stolen vehicle from you at an 8 Kred discount.

    • € Date: Attend a function with you, getting you access somewhere you wouldn’t be welcome otherwise.

    • € Deal: Provide a dose of drugs. First time is free, 1 Kred thereafter.

    • € Fence: Buy a bulk load of stolen merchandise from you for 5 Kreds.

    • €*Fix*: Sell you up to three objects in specified categories, each discounted by 2 Kreds. The discount may make them free. They are typically considered stolen.

    • € Ride: Transport you, a friend, or illicit goods to a destination inside or just out of the city.

    • € Shark: Lend you 10 Kreds, expecting repayment. Mark this in the “debt” column next to the connection.

    • € Splice: Install a cybernetic object (or an object with the implant tag) for free.

    Hecate Connections:

    These are Connections I’ve come up with from a pool of NPCs I’ve written up. If you have an idea for another Connection, feel free to run it by me. If you are looking at any of these characters already written up, but would rather them switch genders, not a problem.

    • Lisa Draga: Manager of The Arena, she’s a vicious businesswoman who’s gotten her hands dirty more than once.

    • Piotr Konstantinos: Former combat medic, current cyber-surgeon/black market doctor making his living patching up gang members in the Bone Yards.

    • Babatunde Afolayan: Arms smuggler primarily, but there’s not much he couldn’t get find when he wants.

    • Gaston Deschamps: Bartender and owner of the Orbital Drop, he sees and hears a lot from his patrons.

    • Jian Hui: Former military, veteran of several major campaigns, including the Battle of Skyfall. Currently he runs Killsat Personal Weapons Emporium.

    • Andromeda Monroe: Former cop, currently a PI just scraping by. Despite being fired, she still has friends in various Corp-Sec offices, and is more than capable on her own.
  2. Assign Connections Relationship Adjectives

    • Assign adjectives from the following list as a description of your relationship with your Connection. This is how your character feels about the Connection, not how the Connection feels about your character. Once an adjective is picked by one player, it cannot be used again. Each player chooses one adjective until there are no more left. Each Connection may only have 3 adjectives assigned to them.

      • Adjectives:
        affectionate dependent loyal
        lustful obsessive protective
        respectful sympathetic trusting

Part 4 Purchase Equipment/Vehicles

Note: Once you have the price totals, you may use the appropriate Connections to either reduce cost or to borrow money. Keep in mind that each Favor called causes that Connection to be more involved in the plot (for good or ill), and that each Connection may only grant a total (among all characters) of 2 Favors.

1. Mech Creation
2. Weapons Creation
3. Purchase Personal Equipment

Character Creation

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